Monday, 20 October 2008

more recently...

I have recently discovered a tube-socking material that comes in a roll and have been playing with plaster weights that are formed in the end of a piece of this tubing. I can see this being pushed and experimented with further, and really like the weight and tension shown with the plaster and the stretched fabric. I am going to see if they will free-stand using PVA, fibre glass, wax, and/or varnish. They also need to be multiplied and seen en mass.

This is a metal rod with papier machee, mod-roc, iron wool and pva. I am not sure if it is at all finished yet, and am having problems as to how it should stand. At present it leans against the wall, very heavy and unstable. I am not sure if a metal base would make it too monumental.

These are globule/cocoon-like forms that drip down from under a shelf at chest height so you need to bend down to see them. They are now white with a varnish, but I am not satisfied with the cleanliness of the white.