Friday, 28 November 2008

branching extremities

Here are a few experimental photos from the installation of one of the completed 'branching extremities'. I want to install lots of them over the area of an enclosed room so they create an environment. These are made of lengths of wire layered in papier-mache, and an outer layer of mod-roc and then Latex and then hung from the ceiling with meat hooks and chain.

Monday, 24 November 2008


More recently I have been working on a very slow process of papier-mache on lengths of wire. Initially I imagined them entertwined, but have decided that they may use the space better and not look too complicated and 'faffy' if they are more spread out hanging from the ceiling filling a room. I want them to each be the thickness of a finger and thumb when making a circle. I am going to cover them in mod-roc. I don't like the references of newspaper and the text and images distracting from the forms.

This is an extension of the hanging tube fabric I have used. It is one of the only forms that rests on the floor. I want to further this form once I have completed the tenticles. I am going to experiment with sand as the weighted end, and am aware that I need to look more at the space and location of my forms as they use their environment in its height and attracts attention to its surroundings as much as to itself. I have tried a couple of exteriors to give an idea of how they would be outside...

I am currently researching sculpture as a practice and its formal qualities and the significance of the 'object', as well as the importance and meaning of sensation in order to give myself a better understanding to what it is that I am doing as a sculptor.