Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thought developments at present stand...

At present I have had to think alot about the context of my work. I started with the struggle of why I spend my time 'making' and what value it has. I came to the conclusion that personal pleasure and interest is enough, and to start asking questions such as these is going to lead me nowhere.
Then I had to realise what exactly it is in my work that I am interested in. Materials, the processes and the form. Not only are these three subjects the essential parts of my work, but they are also the fundamental principles faced by sculpture as an art-form in general. Sculpture consists of space, weight, material and form.
I have also started to look at the "pyschology of creating". It is simply an subject that fascinates me. How we have developed a passion for aesthetic things to look at and simply take pleasure from, when our society demands physical participation and a function within society.
As far as my work is concerned I am continuously finding developments that I want to work on, however I need to spend time installing the finished pieces into an environment where I can see whether they work or not, and how. I have not given myself many opportunities to see my work in context.