Thursday, 14 May 2009

My new moto of everything experimenting

I keep getting frustrated and stuck. It seems to me to be contradictory to plan and theorise before creating. Creating should come from an instinctual engagement with stuff. Just stuff - anything and everything.

I also think that everything should be tried. All areas should be approached openly and with a positive learning attitude. There is so much to learn and absorb and the only way is to grasp and participate in anything and everything. And so,... I am beginning to engage myself in the art practice of people that are willing and interesting. So I am not limiting and narrowing myself to the formal elements of sculpture...

I am going to expand and take on anything that I am able to put my hands to. In this way I can only develop a greater understanding of things that I dont understand, and stir up the norm with some unexpected experiments. I am not allowed to be scared to try and to have a go will produce a result which shows whether something worked or not.

Costume, biology, chemistry, performance, social interactions...

And embracing new things will hopefully enable me to understand and input new elements into my own practice. Everyone is constantly 'developing a practice' so to define a practice at such an early stage of my career seems crazy.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Grass experiments

I have been experimenting with grass and planted grass seeds in a form similar to previous experiments using stockingnet and weighting the end. Here I have created five weights hanging all connected to make one form. The ends are full of compost and grass seeds. Within two weeks the grass grew.

Inspired by Louise Bourgeois' 'Cells', I want to develop the idea of space. I would like to work on private places that are nothing. No relevance or purpose. Useless spaces that are in existence just to be space. I am working on the idea of these places being natural or having strong elements of growth and plants. Living spaces.