Friday, 26 March 2010

Street art!

Something that i have always been interested in is time and how something can change. "We are all ephemeral beings" and we are always trying to make something beautiful and permanent. Everyone has memories and we all remember events differently as we all see things through our own individual perspectives and emotions. We can make something eternal. It will always change, whether is physicality or meaning.

It is something about street-art that is so appealing - other than its sense of anti-establishment and rebellious attitudes. everything ages, gets painted over, removed or/and weathered. as does everything really, but in street art you can see it happening. Isabelle Krieg is someone who i have recently discovered and really like the time factor and banality in her work. it is something that i see in street art too.

I need to start making something. itchy fingers!

cut-out film

My baby's fine!

and....Sorry I'm late. moving picture.