Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dissertation thoughts...

In order to contextualise my practice I need to know what it is that I do. It is difficult to pin-point something like that if you didn't originally aim at something specific or with a particular goal.
If I look at my work, the way I make it and what I say if I am questioned about it... I would say that 'process' and 'materials' are the essential part.

A vague form is controlled at the initial stage.

I.e, if it is going to hang, it will be formed around a length of rope. If it is going to be cube shaped, a cube mould will be used...etc

However, there is not a particular theme to which I am trying to direct the spectators attention. I simply enjoy the messy proceedures and the uncontrollable textures of the materials. It is a hedonistic process for me and I am not trying to achieve anything. The sculptures are a result of 'play'.

But why all the sculptures have a continuity or a characteristic of work produced by the same one person must be something to do with something subconcious. My inner characteristics of what I enjoy and finding aesthetically pleasing and my interests. I am aware of my interest in insects and the small intricate cycles of nature. I've always been fascinated with biology. And I think it is evident in my work. It is unintentional and I was not aware until it was pointed out.

But to find a subject of my work to contextualise and discuss is difficult. Prehaps I should look at the simple aesthetic value of art and the validity of meaningless art. Or materials and processes and what defines 'beauty'?

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