Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New processes

(Fabric and plaster on rope)

The papier-mache process is slow, painstakingly monotonous. It is simple, non-toxic and cheap. But I feel that for the moment I have got to a point that I need to experiment with other layering methods. Using old scraps of canvas (or any thick fabric that I have got my hands on) and dipping it into plaster, I have followed the papier-mache layering method, yet obtained fully textured and faster results.

I am now working of a multiple of smaller forms using this process. They do not use the height of the space as the branch forms did, however, I do not want to limit myself to the consideration of the space with each piece. I need to maintain an experimental thought process where I do not limit myself with considerations, such as particular processes, the space or a pre-concievied idea of the form.
(Canvas and plaster on wire)