Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mid year - Emma Rushton/Richard Bell 20.01.09

  • Need to address how to display and exhibit.
  • How are the works installed and what effect does this have on them?
  • Think about how they work with the architecture of a space.
  • "Truth to materials" is confused. Modroc...etc are traditional sculptural materials, so a truth to them is a difficult one.
  • Current work looks messy.
  • What the objects do is more interesting. Hanging is playful - imaginative and engaging. Hovering despite the weight.
  • Is is important to make something which doesnt ahve a distinguishable material?
  • Is it the process or form which is more important?
  • Do I want to escape from the meaning of the materiality and association?
  • Can interpretation be open?
  • How to record the images.

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