Saturday, 3 April 2010

Swing and back to play!

I have been wanting to make a swing for about 6months now and have always been a big fan of 'the swing'. Its a standard thing to find in your local park - and even in the parks that aren't dedicated to kids - come summer and there's never a swing free. Everyone loves them.

I am trying to find the history of the swing. I imagine them to have been around forever, being simple and such fun (although I dont understand what it is that we love so much). I think there is something meditative about swinging and swings themselves are associated with such a diverse range of people. Children in parks, teenagers, love and romance, the garden swing for the Grannies, sex, monkeys and apes ... and I'm sure more that I'm going to discover. Not only that, but I think that they fit into any situation - prehaps not a court room... but they can bring something to a space. A bedroom, sitting room, garden. park, bus stop (!) and how about guerrilla swing sets - swings that appear all over the city in public places. Engage-able street art!

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